Frequently Asked Questions.......

Hold on. What is this?
A loyalty program designed to spoil our most favourite Nikkou Customer (you!). 
How do I join in the fun?
All you need to do is create a Nikkou account (here!) Already signed up? You are already a Nikkou Friend! Grab a glass of vino and make yourself at home. 
Oooops. I have forgotten my password (again!).  
That is a-ok. Happens to the best and brightest of us. Just head to the login page and click on the handy 'forgot password' (here!) to reset your password before spoiling yourself with some Nikkou goodies. If this doesn't work  you can shoot one of our lovely staff members an email at where we will be happy to reset your password for you. Did we forget to mention we will also happily hype girl your next purchase and  promise we will never judge on your impeccably good taste.
Will my past purchases count towards my level?
Sure will! Your level will be determined based on how much you’ve spent in total at Nikkou. Your lifetime spend will be calculated using the purchase history of the email address used to sign up to our program.
Do I receive anything for joining?
Yes! So much! Each level has access to a range of Nikkou rewards. Did we mention 10% off your first shop with us? Plus bragging rights to your IRL friends about all of your new fancy 'Friend of Nikkou' perks. So there's that. 
How do I move up a level?
You will automatically be moved up a level according to how much you spend. 
How do I thank Nikkou for the generous gifts and perks?
Tommy's Margs are always appreciated.