Spell sells 'Seashells' by the seashore

Earlier this year Spell invited us along to Halycon House in Cabarita (just 5 mins around the corner from Nikkou Store) to view their Resort 'Seashell' collection. 

Their most anticipated collection launch to date, this collection is a spectacular odyssey of underwater magic and ocean infused nostalgia. Spell's most sustainable collection fronted by Isabel Lucas. The second edit of Seashell will be available online Wednesday 20th Nov at 9am.

We always enjoy a laugh with these girls from our favourite Alterior Motif

Shop the collection below:

Soph (L) wears the Spell Seashell Bralette, Spell seashell Bloomers
and Spell Seashell Travel Scarf worn as a head scarf

Soph (R) wears the Spell Seashell Mini Dress in Seafoam

Soph wears the Spell Coco Lei head scarf and Spell Hanalei Midi Dress

Tiff (L) Wears the Spell Hanalei Blouse and Spell Hanalei Mini Skirt
Soph (R) wears the Spell Hanalei Midi Dress

Soph (L) wears the Spell La La Linen House Dress
Tiff (R) wears the Spell La La Linen Shift Dress

Tiff (L) wears the Spell Seashell Blouse and Spell Seashell Mini Skirt
Elle (R) wears the Spell Seashell Romper

Tiff (L) wears the Seashell Travel Scarf as a top and Spell Seashell shorts in seafoam
Tiff (R) wears the Spell Seashell Boho dress in seafoam 

Elle wears the Spell Seashell Maxi Skirt in Opal

Happy shopping Spell angels!
xx Tiff










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