At home this Mother's Day with @svpearce

So who is @svpearce? Soph is most likely your favourite insta mum to follow. She lives in Casuarina and runs the instagram @recipearce, together with her husband Nick. She is mum to Poppy (2Y) and Goldie (3 months) and also hosts a podcast with @londonxboston called @beyondthebump

Behind the insta handles of a combined following of almost 90k Soph is incredibly down to earth and a huge inspiration of mine. She is my best friend of almost 8 years, 
proud wife to Nicholas Pearce and mother to her two beautiful girls who formally know me as 'Tiffy'. She has a knack for style and is hands down the best wing woman to have at events and showings. She is Nikkou's number one loudest and proudest fan girl and I love her so much for that. 

I asked Soph about her journey of motherhood in self-isolation, the transition from being a mum of one to two and what she is most looking forward to after this strange and wonderful time is over! (Obviously having a margarita with me is at the top of her list) Read more below...

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1. What does a typical morning look like and is this any different during this time?
Have you found any new daily routines that you would like to continue afterwards?
I have been making a conscious effort to get up each morning at 6am, an hour before the girls wake up, so that I can wake up peacefully, have a coffee, read my book, get back to some emails before the day kicks off into its usual chaos! 
Then Goldie tends to be up before Poppy, so she has a feed and we chill together before Poppy demands my attention. Once she is up, we have breaky together and try to go for a walk or head down to the beach to tire out some of that toddler energy. 
Prior to this isolation situation, we were very busy, constantly in and out of the car and never at home. Once things have settled back to normal, I would like to continue being at home a bit more (definitely NOT to this degree though haha), avoid being in the car so much and just enjoy the beach at the end of our street a bit more. 
I used to get anxious if I knew it was just going to be me with the two girls at home all day, but it has definitely become something I am completely comfortable with and actually enjoy now! 

2. How are you taking a positive approach to home isolation?
What are you enjoying most?
First of all its all about mindset! Nick and I had a discussion right at the beginning about the perspective we were going to take on things. Despite it being a financially rough time for us, we decided that if we could all get through this with our health then we were lucky and that has shifted our entire outlook! 
Family time!! My husband is still working but when he is home its so nice. 
Its also so nice not having a certain time to be anywhere, so theres no rush to get everyone changed, strapped in the car, just to realise you’re missing a shoe, there’s vom down your top etc… 
3. As a mum to two beautiful girls, how do you find time for yourself?
Are you good at practicing self-love?
I love myself haha, but I am not good at finding time for self care, but I am definitely getting better! 
I co-host a podcast, and we spoke to a phenomenal lady about “filling up our cups” as mothers, and she reminded me that self-care as a mother doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive to being with our children. 
So since then I have tried to find ways to love on myself, with the girls around. So read a book, while Poppy is watching TV, playing with clay with her which I enjoy as much as she does. We’ve had dance parties every evening in our lounge room! 
But in terms of alone time, that hour of bliss in the morning is my time! 

4. How have you found the change from being a mum of one to two?
What have you been most surprised about?
I still stand by the fact that I think going from none to one is harder haha. In terms of challenges, the main one is time. I think with each child your time for your self and for your partner decreases. It also can go from complete and utter bliss to absolute chaos in the blink of an eye! I think this is getting easier to handle as Goldie has more of a routine as I feel like I know which times of the day are busiest before it has even started. 
Challenges aside though, it has been absolutely incredible. Watching their little bond grow already is out of this world. Goldie honestly could stare at Poppy all day, and Poppy is besotted by Goldie and is very quick to tell me whenever she is crying. 
I’m not surprised by the love I feel for Goldie, but it is truly astonishing the way your heart just swells and grows to have this earth shaking, unconditional love for another whole human! 

5. You travelled so much with Poppy! When we are allowed to travel again, what will be your first destination you want to take Goldie?
All of Nick and my family are in Melbourne, so we will be scooting down there ASAP to see all of them! 
My parents haven’t seen Goldie since she was 6 weeks old, so every FaceTime chat is killing them, and my younger brother hasn’t even met Goldie so that really sucks. 
But this time has made me feel so grateful for my extended family, and in some weird way I feel the most connected to them that I ever have in my adult life. 
In terms of holiday destinations, we would LOVE to check out WA. I have never been the West Coast, and I think it just has everything we love! Incredible scenery, amazing beaches, delicious food, some of Australia’s best wine… so yep, that’s top of the list! 
6. How will you be celebrating Mothers Day this year? What is a gift you cherish most?
I don’t know yet!! I’m sure not too different to every other day with my family! 
Nick’s the cook of the household, so him making me breakfast isn’t too out of the ordinary but is always special nonetheless. 
Hopefully it’s nice weather and we get to go down to the beach and I’m sure we will call my mum and mother in law to wish them well too. 
Honestly, we aren’t a gift family! We are way more into experiences together than items as gifts. So spending a beautiful day with my family is enough for me! Actually, maybe a really nice overlapping nap from the girls in the middle of the day, so I can put my feet up. Maybe my feet are being rubbed while we’re at it haha. 
 Written with love for Mothers Day. Tiff xx


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