CASA FOR A CAUSE Bushfire Appeal

It has been a month since we put the call out to our community here in Casuarina and the surrounds to come together and raise much needed donations towards Australia's Bushfire relief. In less than a week what started out as an idea on Sunday afternoon quickly escalated into 150 sponsors, 40 cases of Balter beer and 6 karma kegs and by Saturday 11th January of the same week CASA FOR A CAUSE was born.

At one point both of the line from Crafty cow went through to meet the line of people waiting to buy raffle tickets and sprawled out in the other direction were people in line for Tucker's Chilli dogs. Everyone ate, drank and even danced to Bronte and her band. Cudgen Rural Fire service (who had just gotten back from their deployment to the fire frontline) arrived with their team of volunteers and were met with huge excitement and from all of the kids. Everyone came for a good time and even a little rain (the rain gods heard us) didn't dampen the party.

Our wish is that seeing our community come together warms hearts and brings a sense of hope to those that continue to rebuild from this disaster. Casuarina truly turned it on and together we raised a total of $33,415 (smashing our initial goal of $10k). 

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event, made donations, purchased raffle tickers and placed their bids and a big congratulations to everyone who walked away with a raffle prize or auction win.

Most importantly I would like to thank to Jodie and her team at The Crafty Cow, Jordy and his team at Tucker Casuarina, Bronte and her brand for donating their time and Nick from Blackboard Coffee for taking on MC like a champ.  

Scroll through to see images from the event captured by Lorne Greenlaw



What an amazing community we have here in Casuarina! 
xx Tiff 


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