Nikkou Buyers Diary | Sydney AAFW '22

Sunday 8th May 
9:00am - Landed in Sydney a day before AAFW to catch up with longtime friends. After a day of exploring beautiful Sydney city we headed to Regazzi Wine & Pasta for dinner. Of course, lots of delicious food and drinks were consumed! 
10:00pm - After a lovely day, it was time to unwind and get ready for the big week ahead!

Monday 9th May 
8:00am - Although a little rainy later in the day, I had nothing to complain about  waking up to a view like this. The excitement was starting to kick in now! 

12:30pm - After a beautiful morning, I headed to my first showing with Shona Joy.  We are so excited to share the SS23 pieces we've selected for you. The colours and silhouettes were exquisite! We can't show you too much now so you will just have to wait and see...

5:00pm - A cheeky drink (or two) with a view at Shell House Sky Bar before this evenings runway show.

8:00pm - Concerts have much to compete with in regards to the energy amplified at the Bec & Bridge show. The collection brought hints of 90s and Y2K Nostalgia - perfect for weekend parties. 

Tuesday 10th May 
 - When the Nikkou girl reaches for basics in her wardrobe the brand of choice is Assembly the Label of course!

11:30AM - The next showing I attended was with Jaqui at Magali Pascal. The collection had me blown away! Such beautiful pieces and summer tones. We can't wait to show you our selection!

 1:00PM - Barangaroo's picturesque pier led me to Cirrus Dining for oysters and wine.


3:00PM - And on the third day - St Agni declared - "Let there be light!" I may or may not have been shushed a few times as I gasped at look after look during their show.

With crisp sharp collars that could cut butter, dresses with floaty silhouettes that I'd surely seen in paintings at the Louvre and male models wearing unisex pieces that my imaginary boyfriend would wear (I am single and too lazy to mingle), St Agni's neutral colour palette speaks timeless classics so it's easy to add one of each to a staple wardrobe. 

We can't wait to share with you what we've selected! In the meantime... 

Wednesday 11th May

After a few busy days, I had a day without any showings or shows. I took advantage of sunshine to go for a walk around the city before the (very) rainy weather settled back in for the day. 

Thursday 12th May 

9:00AM - You know us Nikkou girls love our linen and love our basics. Marle always knows how to complete the look.


1:00PM - Do you ever look at your Instagram feed and see the same colour catching your eye - a.k.a the same shirt in at least every 4-6 posts? I will admit, my Blanca Cruz Shirt is my go to statement piece. Which other brands have done green in such a perfectly crisp tone?

Elise and her team at Blanca welcomed me to the Reliquia Showroom. The weather truly did highlight that rain, hail or shine - Blanca can easily be worn! We are confident our selected textures and colours will take you out to brunch, lead you to confidently ace that work meeting and end the day chic and relaxed of an evening, glass of wine in hand. 


 8:00PM - Last stop for our buying trip - off to see the Hansen & Gretel show. Such a fun vibe with a singer opening and closing the show. No detail was too big or small with smoke machines in tow. SO much colour in this collection... I was in love! 


 Nikkou buying team, signing off. 

Love Meg x 

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